Shoutout to Oshay Duke Jackson

Carol Durant
2 min readAug 25, 2021

If you don’t know about the Trojan Horses that invaded the YouTube Black podcast Manosphere, you are missing quite an interesting and divisive story. It’s better (alright, comparable) to any show you are watching on any paid platform. The Trojan Horses are Fresh & Fit. Two young guys that were/are clout chasing, thirst trapping and attempting to take down their own teammates to rise to the top of the YouTube sepia toned universe.

The captain of the Manosphere ship is Mr. Oshay Duke Jackson and he is irate. He is the keeper of the Manosphere landscape and playbook. He and plenty of other YouTubers (check out Obsidian Network) helped build, design, execute and deliver the rules and regulations, to build an audience for each member, so the Manosphere would thrive. The audience would also win because they would be able to select a member unencumbered by a competing program, listen and adopt the components of their chosen program planet (if applicable). Mr. Jackson has assisted, mentored and counseled many men toward lucrative YouTube careers that have spilled onto other social media platforms.

Over the years, beefs have occurred between the members of the Manosphere. These beefs have reconciled or severed, but the honor amongst the current and former members have remained mostly intact and viable. Myron Gaines (Fit) a/k/a Amrou Fudl and Walter Weekes (Fresh CEO) attempted a coup riding the horses of mayhem and dishonor. The Fresh & Fit duo were busy delivering one point of view to the audience and behind the scenes doing the exact opposite. Lying, scheming, buying objects and women, reveling in the flex, enjoying the floss and now they are being blinded by the fool’s gold. Aba and Preach, two gentlemen with a sizable podcast from Canada called out Fresh & Fit. A heated and nasty verbal exchange with Aba and Preach ended with a Canadian knockout. Fresh & Fit has been hemorrhaging brand trust and subscribers, while trying to hold on to their battered platform and bruised egos. Now, F&F are getting booted off of the island. Mr. Jackson is on fire and is dropping bombs on the Fresh & Fit duo.

Oshay has been ranting with hurricane force winds. He is booting Fresh & Fit out of the Manosphere orbit. Mr. Jackson is livid and done with their antics. He and the other members (ex. The Lead Attorney) are frying them in a cast iron pan and serving them up for cancellation. Mr. Jackson has some hilarious takes and should add roast master to his resume. It’s a very insightful battle and I look forward to continuing to listen to Mr. Oshay Duke Jackson wage war.

Carol Durant

author, poet, playwright, recording artist, actor, founder and host of Outliers Poetry Brunch